Our demurrer hearing in CaRLA v Calabasas got delayed last week, as the city managed to convince the court that SB 13’s passage and imminent signing by Governor Newsom may render our lawsuit moot. Our hearing has now been rescheduled to October 29th at 1:30pm.

In our opposition brief, we argue that signing SB 13 doesn’t absolve the city of their responsibility to update their ADU ordinance. SB 13 does not contain any sort of provision allowing it to be enacted any earlier than January 1st, 2020, and there is no indication from the city that they would begin to process ADU applications in compliance with state law anytime soon.

We’re suing the city of Calabasas because their ADU ordinance in its current form fails to comply with state ADU law. It effectively outlaws garage conversions by requiring replacement parking, which state law very clearly forbids. Even so, the city is insisting on making its residents wait to file for permits until the new state law goes into effect and a new local ordinance is enacted.

Garage conversions are one of the easiest ways for homeowners to take our artificial housing shortage into their own hands, and requiring replacement parking during a time of catastrophic climate change where every gram of carbon reduction matters a great deal is climate denial. CaRLA will continue to fight for predictability and consistency in Calabasas’ planning processes. While we disagree with this delay in our case, the longer-term victory should be secured once the Governor Newsom signs the new ADU legislation into law. On January 1st, we should enter a new world of ADU development in California, ending the frustration of Calabasas homeowners and homeowners throughout the state.