Making lasting impacts to improve the affordability and accessibility of housing to current and future Californians, especially low- and moderate-income people and communities of color.

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We carry a big stick, and we aren’t afraid to use it.

Our work in 2022

(Jan 1 to Dec 31)

Homes Defended

Affordable Homes Defended

Threat Letters Sent

Resolved Requests for Help

Northern California Resolved Requests

Southern California Resolved Requests

Most Recent Victories

  • San Mateo

    10 Units

    Filed Apr 2018, Appealed w Attorney General Taking on Case Jan 2020

  • Huntington Beach

    47 units, 5 BMR

    Filed Jun 2020

“Our housing crisis is an existential threat to our state’s future, and we can’t shy from the hard fights it’ll take to create more affordable homes for Californians — including pursuing legal challenges to make sure the housing laws we pass in Sacramento translate to real, new units in local communities across our state.”

– Governor Gavin Newsom on CaRLA vs San Mateo


“Our fight for affordable housing is inextricably tied to our fights for racial, economic, environmental, and social justice. This appellate decision upholding the constitutionality of the Housing Accountability Act is a major victory for all Californians.”

– Attorney General Rob Bonta on CaRLA vs San Mateo