What’s in a name? A LOT if it leads to confusion. While our mission is to advocate and educate legally on behalf of California renters, we didn’t think California Renters Legal Advocacy and Education Fund accurately portrayed our mission or our work – and it was also a mouthful even for us. So it is finally time, we’re happy to announce that we are now the


California Housing Defense Fund

Or CalHDF for short


And we’ve already begun the transition. You can now find us in new places:


twitter: @housingdefense 

For the next few weeks, you can still reach us by emailing our current email address @carlaef.org. Look for that to transition @calhdf.org in the next few weeks. We’re not sure exactly when that will happen, but when it finally does, don’t worry, we’ll have email forwarding on.

Special shoutout to Kevin Burke for helping us with this transition and many other things!