CaRLA is both happy and sad to announce the end of the year departure of our Director of Operations Victoria Fierce. As a three-person nonprofit, CaRLA is a close knit team and Victoria’s departure at the end of December brings both sadness at the loss of a colleague and fierce housing advocate as well as excitement about Victoria’s future as a Berliner.

CaRLA is using its recent momentum from victories in San Mateo and Huntington Beach, its expanded capacity with its new class of interns, and this opportunity to examine how to best continue to move forward in the mission of getting housing built. CaRLA is very happy that Victoria will be here until the end of December to help create that vision together.

Message from Victoria
Since announcing my departure, I’ve received an overwhelming display of support and well-wishing from all corners of the housing advocacy space. After nearly six years of building East Bay for Everyone and having just started my fifth year of working for CaRLA, I’m proud to be retiring on such a high note; I know I’m leaving CaRLA in the very capable hands of Greg and Dylan. I love you all, I’ll miss you, and I know we’ll see each other again. May all of us in the pro-housing movement have a powerful future. Godspeed and good luck.

Message from Dylan
Victoria’s departure is a great loss for CaRLA, California, the Bay Area, and the housing movement, but a gain for Berlin. Victoria and I have worked together for three years years since I began at CaRLA and I’ve seen the tremendous success she has had in advancing California housing policy, both at CaRLA and with her outside activism. I will miss her as a colleague and a friend, but am excited to see all the new things she can accomplish in Berlin. 

Message from Greg
Victoria has been a dear friend for numerous years and I will definitely miss her. We started in the trenches together at the beginning of the YIMBY movement, co-founding East Bay for Everyone together and even holding the international YIMBYtown conference in Oakland a few years back, before she brought me on to the CaRLA team.  Berlin is one of my favorite cities that has a lot of the qualities that made the Bay Area great before the housing crisis. Honestly, I don’t know if I’m more jealous of Berlin for getting Victoria or Victoria for being able to move to such a great place.